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Well, we went a bit straightforward here,


RECUR means to Re-Occur and We make clothes by completely Recycling the old ones and giving them a new life - making them Re-Occur.

Why just THINK sustainable,

ACT sustainable too

Solitaire Townsend once said “Wear clothes that Matter” and we 100% agree to it.


Stepping towards Sustainability is what the current times demand from us and we are here to make it easier for all of us!


We believe in the concept that “Waste is not a waste until you waste it” and hence with our

360-RECYCLING process, we are set to keep on recycling old unwanted and unwearable textiles into complete brand-new ones. Nearly 100% of textiles and clothing are recyclable but only about 0.1% of recycled fibers are collected by charities and take-back programs, which is then recycled into a new textile fiber.



Our Eco-clothing line comes with multiple benefits attached to it :













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made in inda.png


Go in style the Sustainable way with our On-Demand Custom-Printing service. This enables you to express your Authentic self, keeping all the Ethics towards our Mother Nature checked!


With our On-Demand Custom-Printing service, you can get absolutely any Design that matches your Authentic style, of any proportion and color printed onto our

T-shirts! You can get this done by visiting our CUSTOMIZE section. Upload the design you want to get printed on the Apparel and you can also customize certain other factors as well.



You Ask?

 360º-Recycling refers to covering the whole 360 aspects of recycling from start to end.

It's a process wherein we take into account the old clothes which are usually discarded and thrown away which are then passed through multiple processes which are then rolled out into new wearable clothes and after consumption these can again be recycled thus taking a complete 360 turn. Giving new extended life to the rugged clothes and lessening the resources that are usually consumed in manufacturing a new one.


Our clothes are not refurbished!


Textile recycling is a potentially beneficial activity from environmental, social and economic points of view, as opposed to land-filling, use of virgin fibers, consumption of energy and water.

Earth without ART is just EH a wise man

We HEART absolutely all ART!

And if you are an art freak then we have some Good news for you! Whether you create sketches, paintings, graffiti, doodlings,  this is a perfect stop for all your art ninjas to spread your creativity. Our #GetFeatured initiative allows all the talented individuals to showcase their Designs through our apparel.


All you gotta do is to just follow these 3 easy steps: Design, Upload and Get featured!


We'll manage the inventory, the shipping, and all the other factors. Does it sound too cool? Because yes it is!


Simply, you need to mail us your artwork at, post which our team will get in touch with you. All the approved designs will be then printed onto our monthly top selling t-shirts, which will be also featured on our social media platforms, creating a huge marketplace for you. So what are you waiting for? Get started on that masterpiece!



RECUR was started by a duo of batchmates, with an extraordinarily similar mindset on almost everything!


The rigorous increasing continuity of the fast fashion which is extremely affecting nature was something that led both to decide & bring up some revolutionary changes in the field of textile that would contribute towards the circular economy.


Apart from this, being from the Graphics and Media Industry, they knew the struggle and lack of platforms artists faced and thus enabling them to come up with the idea of Custom-Printing.


And hence RECUR was born. They wish to bring out the new change in the field of Textile & Fashion Industry by bringing up this revolutionary need of the hour change!

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